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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I hate the weather/season right now. It's in that crappy plateau of what i like to call Finter. It's too cold to be fall, yet still to warm to be winter. It's no longer the fresh, crisp fall scent in the air. Instead it's the smell of rotting leaves. Now everyone will wait for the first snow to fall, hopefully ending Finter, and letting the crisp, cool winter scent begin.

Today, i start my "fresh start plan" It is under 800 and I'm determined like hell to complete every goal for you guys. In the comments Thin is Perfection said she is lacking motivation. Well, that's where i was. You just lost the will power to continue. Well, try what i tried. Let yourself binge. And everyday get onto the scale and see the numbers rise. It's so disappointing. Like my Current weight of today 109. Bleh. Look at your body in the mirror. Notice the new 'curves' coming in. Go online and look for Thin models and Fat-asses. Decide which one you want. Every time you eat, let that beautiful Ana voice in your head take over. I hope my tips help.

If you guys want to send an email to me, I'm at Send what ever you want tips, diet plans, thinspo, or just comments you didn't want to post here.
That's all for now my beauties.
Ana luv to all of you!
~Riki Ana
P.S. i saw a girl in school yesterday. She is living thinspiration. Her arms are TOOTHPICKS. Her entire body is sooo skinny. Her legs have like a 2 inch gap in between them! Finally. Everyone in my school is so fat with thunder thighs. Now at least when i walk in the halls, i can see some major thinspiration throughout the day. And i know one day, she'll envy me...


  1. 109lbs? Man, that's like my goal weight... haha, but good luck with your fast thingy =D

    And you're damn right she´ll envy you!

  2. Yeah, I'm about 109 right now too from all of my binges :/ but today is by Birthday and this whole week has pretty much been food, food, food, UGH. I don't know how tall you are, but I am SHORT. The definition of short. 5 foot. Maaaybe 5'1" and it SUCKS terribly! Being short makes you look soooo much fatter! But starting Saturday, it's down to business. NO more eating like a fatass! This post and alot of your posts inspire me because I feel like I'm in the same weight and binging situation as you. There is alot of toothpick girls at my school and I envy all the them! Well sorry for ranting so much, but I have one question, do you purge? I never have, but I feel like I just need to when I over-eat.. I'm just scared because I hate throwing up.. How do you feel about it? I've read you take laxatives too, right? Well what laxatives do you recommend? Or do you even recommend taking laxatives for binges? Well please reply!
    Stay strong!