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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She's back!

OMG Kat's back. Yes, the same Kat from the blog we all loved. Quest for perfection. She needs us to get her name back out there again. Be warned, her first post is what happened in the time she was gone. You'll see.


When i checked my email and saw that ^^^ i literally almost cried. Then after i read the first post i did cry. No a lot though. But wow. i don't really understand why, maybe it's like seeing a relative after a really long time. It was tears of joy.

In other news. I love you guys, i got up at 5:30 AM to post. so this post may sound tired.

I do NOT want to talk about the last two days. But in my promise to ALWAYS tell what happened i will.

Monday: binged. Badly.
Tuesday: *promised i'd do better* -LIE.
Wednesday: hate myself to the point of yelling at the mirror.

Today I'm going to be HARD restricting. It's only 2 more days of April. FUCK Then 1 month until summer. Double FUCK.

So these next two days aren't going to be fun. Then the 31 days of May are going to be hell. But you know what, i'm at the point where i want to lock myself in a room without food for the next 33 days. I'm toying around with the idea in my mind. If only a 33 day fast was possible. For me. *le sigh* great fasting info. Go to the very beginning of her blog. She did a 30 day juice fast right ater a 2 or 3 day water fast.

So i think after these 2 days of hard restricting i'll try to fast for as long as possible. Then i'll hard restrict, then fast. get the pattern?

I pray i can do it.

Last night i was scared. I don't want to go to the beach. Especially in a bikini. But i really want to. I just need the body for it first. I wish i didn't procrastinate so much during the year.

well, that's all i have for now.
It's now 6:00 am.
And i love you!!!
~Riki Ana

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long way to go

Well, good news is i lost weight! I'm down to......110.5

Yesterday i tried to give myself snacks to munch on and that seemed to work.
All i ate yesterday was...
*Breakfast: A rice cake
*Snack: 1/2 cup of grapes
*Lunch : 1/2 cup of grapes
*Dinner : 1 soup at hand- vegetable beef and a rice cake.
*Snack : 50 cals of orange juice

Do any of you miss eating soup and crackers? I did. Then it dawned on me that a rice cake could be like a cracker. IT IS! It was yummy and filling as hell!

Anyway my total was... 290 cals!!!!!

And my stomach was growling quite a bit, but i ignored it. I kinda liked hearing it though, it means my metabolism is at a steady pace.

Today is supposed to be the "No carbs day" on my diet plan. But everything in my house has carbs, even the salad. So I'm going to say fuck it on the no carbs, and just keep my count down. Today is less than 500. So I'll prolly stick to the same plan as yesterday.

The only soup i have left though is a creamy tomato which has a high cost of 190 cals. Maybe that will be my dinner since it's thicker and more filling, even without the rice cake.
Hopefully my day will be
*breakfast-rice cake: 35
*Snack- 1/2 cup of grapes: 50
*lunch- 1/2 cup of grapes: 50
*Dinner- Creamy tomato soup: 190
And all that would equal 325 cals under that limit.
Maybe a rice cake with dinner? +35 cals
That would make it 360. Still not bad.


On Friday, we had this party in my English class for Shakespeare day. There was a HUGE table of food. As i said before, THIS is why i had gained weight :( Anyway, there is this one thin girl, like really thin. She's always in plays and things. Like for the play i was stage crew and down where they were changing. I caught a glimpse of her with no shirt. HOLY SHIT. She looks like an Ana godess!

ok, back to the story.

With all of this food, everyone was munching away. Not her though. Then someone opened the bag of carrots on the table and she shouts "Yay! Carrots!" Who, that is normal, shouts for carrots? I immediately envy her. Why don't i have her willpower? Then she sees the raspberries and and has 1 or 2. So with all of this amazing food around she eats 2 carrots and 2 raspberries.

She was also wearing a low cut top. Hello ribs. you could see everyone of them! ::drooling::

So maybe she's Ana? Wouldn't doubt it. Or a freaky fast, healthy eater. Who knows. But if she is Ana she sure as hell gets away with it.

I will have more willpower than her.
I will have power over sweets.
I will have HER envying ME
I will have a gorgeous body.

~Riki Ana
Stay Strong

Saturday, April 24, 2010


This week was SOO hectic. I got my grades and..... D:

well, sort of. A in English, B+ in Bio and a 69 in Algebra. Hehe 69. Anyway aside from teenager humor, it's time to get down to business

Last week sucked. Major ass.

This week will be my shining light though.

Starting tomorrow i will re-do Last weeks diet and PINKY PROMISE to stick to it. The entire week. Is it sad, the only way i get things done is to pinky promise them? ;)

My weight....I have no idea. I really have to pee tho so i'll edit the post later and fill you in. Last time i checked though it was 111 again but yesterday i went to my daddies and he gave us his AMAZING enchiladas. mmmm

It wasn't that bad though, since his g-friend is on a "healthy" eating diet she only buys organic, multi-grain, low sodium, etc.

So maybe i'll be happy with the number on the scale... prolly not though.

Today, i'm not really doing anything set. Mainly to-day is a get back to the swing of things day. My friends are coming over though, so that will be a test of strength. I'll pass though :)

First thing, i have to go do a clean up day for a school project thing. So that will burn cals. Then we are walking (yay! more cals burnt) then watching a movie. (they will be eating popcorn, me rice cakes :D )
Let me just say, i <3 rice cakes. They are the size of my friken palm and aren't the bad compared to what people say about them, and i usually end up drinking a bottle of water with it. So they are my new lover. Shh, don't tell the low-cal cereal.

So today, staying under 800-900 should be good.


To commenters, Sunny- I miss blogging everyday! It's just so hard to get to, with so many people in my house. In the beginning my sis had sports so she didn't even get home till 5:30 now she comes home right after school. But, :D , she's doing softball now so.... More time YAY!

Also, i have to be sneaky with this blog. It's hard being sneaky when your older bro is throwing a party in the downstairs. Which is where the computer is. Haha.

But i will try to update more often for all you guys as much as i can. <3


To everyone else, you are too kind! When i'm down in the dumps you guys dust me off and put right back where i should be! i love u!


DUN DUN DUNNNN! Summer! *gasp* it's almost may so 37 days, if my math is correct, untill JUNE 1ST. FUCK!

I need to be down to 95 by then.
I WILL be down to 95 by then.

~Riki Ana

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Ok so how am i doing so far?

Day 1 - lost 2 pounds -111 so success

Days 2 failure!!!!! I binged :(

Oh well, i'll do a make up task tonight and tomorrow's set limit is 800 so i might make up task it to be 700, but we'll see.

Anyway, my sister is home

~Riki ANa

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Diet

My weight is at a unacceptable high. Remember i did eat before weight in but....
114 ~now i was clothed so, by god's mercy, i HOPE 113.


So to get rid of this body fat blunder I'm going to use a diet i found quiet interesting.

I really recommend It's a competition that your on teams. I personally am not on a team. But i am doing last weeks diet.

Day One -
No carbs day.
Calorie intake - < (less than) 500.
Water - 6+ glasses.
Exercise - 30 minutes+ of cardio (crunches may be done instead,but only if you are injured), 10 minute abs workout.

Day Two -
Vegetarian day.
Calorie intake - < (less than) 600.
Water - 6+ glasses.
Exercise - 1 hour+ of cardio (crunches may be done instead,but only if you are injured).

Day Three -
Calorie intake - < (less than) 800.
Water - 6+ glasses.
Exercise - 30+ minutes of walking.

Day Four -
Juice fast.
Water - 6+
Exercise - Optional today.

Day Five -
Vegan day.
Calorie intake - >300
Water - 6+
Exercise - 30 minutes+ of cardio (crunches may be done instead,but only if you are injured).

Day Six -
Calorie intake - >650
Water - 6+
Exercise - Ab and arm workout (does not matter for how long,but ideally at least 20 minutes each).

Day Seven -
Vegetarian day.
Calorie intake - >400
Water - 6+
Exercise - 1 hour+ of cardio (crunches may be done instead,but only if you are injured).

So this is the plan^^^

Anyone want to join?!?

Since i ate today, It will begin tomorrow MONDAY, APRIL 19TH

If you mess up on any of the days you will do a make up task. Please go to MUT on the website to find out what the make up tasks are.


I have been stuffing my face with useless fats, calories, and carbs. I was avoiding posting because of how embarrassed i was. But you know what it's my own fault.

In the words of OhMyGosh " Don't try and sneak around the truth: diet and exercise work" and that's the only way to lose weight girls/guys. Sure you can eat that cake but guess what? It WILL make you gain weight. Sorry it's the truth.

You have to ask yourself a important question: How bad do you want to be thin?

I hope you truly think that question through.

~Riki Ana

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


To the commenter that said "Write about your day" i found it oddly hilarious. lol. :D

Anyway, 108.5





It shall go to......Whenever i can take it anymore! So prolly Saturday.

I'll do a full post tomorrow filling you in on the past two days.

Till then



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunshine Awards

The rules of this blog award are:

1. Post this logo within your blog or post

2. Pass the award onto 5 fellow bloggers

3. Link to the nominees within your post

4. Let the nominees know they have received an award by commenting on their blog

5. Share the love and link the person whom you received this blog award

Let's get on with the show shall we?
Sophia Ruins of sophia ruins down to the bones : For her beautiful and interesting tale of her life. She writes in a gorgeous fashion, and i'm always excited to read what's next.
OhMyGosh at Starving For Beauty: For her Tough love posts. They kick me in the ass and that what i need. Also she has the most GORGEOUS pictures on the sidebar!
RachelxxStayStrong of Make me perfect Make me beautiful : For her journey. It's true inspiration for me. And for her message at the top of the page. It's the perfect boast for when i'm feeling down and binge worthy.
Charr. Of All i ever wanted was this : She is one of the best bloggers of mine. She brightens my mood whenever i read and makes me want to do better.
Embry of leak : She is so strong. Her posts are so deep and incredible. Also for her random pictures that always put a smile on my face.
I wish i could give you all sunshine awards, but alas, i can't :(
I love you all though!!!
~Riki Ana

Saturday, April 10, 2010


107. Yayayayayayayay!

Now if i fast, which i'm planning on, and if my metabolism stays perky, i should be at 105 by tomorrow. And if i am, all i would want to say is FINALLY! The last time i was at 105 it was like the first post of this blog!

Man, that was a long time ago...

Usually when i fast i lose 3lbs first day, 2 lbs second day, 1 lb 3rd day. Then i never finished 4th.

Oh God let me be 105 tomorrow!

Yesterday all i ingested was water, coke zero, and a Slurpee-60 cals for 12 oz, Crystal light apple and mango (TRY THIS! Delicious, curbs cravings, and SUGAR FREE!)

My new seventeen magazine came last night and i read it this morning.
Ok so last month they had a article about eating disorders and how you should be happy with your weight.
This month they have an article about obesity and losing weight.
Does anyone else find this ironic??

(oh yea last issue or two of reader's digest)----More People die of OBESITY than of STARVATION every year.

Our world is becoming fatter and fatter EVERY year!

Oh amazing website alert!

This website is AMAZING! and not even ana! Full of low cal recipes and other info.

That's all for now folks!

~Riki Ana

Friday, April 9, 2010

Eatin's Cheaten

Bleh, i don't really want to describe what happened yesterday so i'll give you the gist of it.
-i ate :(
-i didn't sleep over :(
-it was hot as hell in my house :(
-But i had awesome dreams :D

Anyway my weight is...... 110.5


Shh, do you hear that?
Listen closely
There it was again!

Oh my god it's coming closer!

it's, it's

A FAST!!!!

Why yes, i did waste a couple seconds of your life making you read that introduction.

So yep, going to fast today. I don't really care at this point if it's going to suck.

It's already April 9th. What the hell! Spring break is over in 2 days. and I'm still at a fucking fat ass weight. FUCK.

Any of you gorgeous skinnies want to join? It's today and possibly tomorrow if my mom decides not to ruin my fasting plans.


Sorry for the shitty post. i litterly JUST woke up. I like getting the fast out there early so you read it before your breakfast or something.


I love you all<3
Ana luv to you
Starve on
Think Thin
Stay Strong

~Riki Ana!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The sun will always shine, no matter what you did yesterday.

that's how i feel -_-

Ok recap of yesterday.

I didn't eat the entire day like i wanted too, then around 7pm i went to my dad's house. I was already anxious because i don't usually eat past seven. They put the food in the oven and we ate around 7:30. I took the same amount of food as everyone else. :( I could have had less but earlier in the day while i went to go through something out, she saw my form walking away, and said "Riki your so skinny! Stop being skinny!" She joked. She is also on a diet. She is quite slim. But anyway, i wanted to seem like a freaky fast metabolism person, so i ate. A piece of bread with cheese. Steak-very, very red steak. Potatoes, and Corn-spicy "southwest" style corn, spicy food boost the metabolism. Then after the meal I was handed a bowl-3 scoops of rocky road ice cream with sprinkles. YUM, just saying. So that was my day.

Want to know my weight?
It's why i feel like -_-
It's not good, not bad.
So no change.
Eh, better than a gain.

Today, since i know if i were to go straight back to fasting today it would suck, I'm going to do a sub-100 day. Mainly because i want my Salad with salsa. So that would be 40 cals. Or if i had a big enough craving and had two salads it still would only be 80.

But, alas, there always has to be a problem. Tonight, i might go to a friend's house for a sleep over. And she has a sweet tooth. So there would be lot's of treats there. Hopefully, before i go i can walk down to the gas station and get a liter water bottle, and put a crystal light packet. That will probably hold me over. Then i can use the "Oh I'm going to eat there mom." then the "Oh sorry, i ate at home." excuse.


Want to know something that freaks me out? After a binge, those days were your thinning out to go back to fasting and such, when you don't have to use the bathroom at all, since your barely eating. And the food is still inside of you! Sitting in your stomach, refusing to digest, trapped inside your body. *shutter* When i think of that i cringe, i just hate knowing that it's, stuck in there.

I hope i didn't give you that worry also....

Anyway that's all for now.

Ana luv to you.
~Riki Ana
P.s. I love your comments! You guys are sooooo sweet!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I did it!

Yay! Fast completed. Woo-hoo! My weight dropped two pounds, making me 108...again. Well, at least it's not 108.5

I completed the fast with.....*doing math in my head*...........*This might take a while*.......................*i told you it would*............ 45 calories.

I think.

Yesterday all i had was water, a diet Snapple, a coke zero, and a vitamin water.

Today, i was planning on fasting again. Since yesterday went so smoothly. But then i remembered that today I'm supposed to hang out with my dad. He's going to take me on a motorcycle ride, and to taco bell. Damn, and here the ONE time i actually WANT to fast. Well, i can always fast all day, get the 150 cal-Fresco taco, Then fast the rest of the day. The taco might even be a metabolism booster.

Want to know what i was craving yesterday. A salad. I've never craved salad in my ENTIRE LIFE. But oh, i wanted 2 cups of fresh express salad with snap peas, and carrots, with onion With 2 tablespoons of salsa on on. mmmmmmmmmm. That would total to be......40 cals. Yummy.

Wouldn't that be a feast for a king?

That also reminds me i need to buy measuring cups/ measuring spoons. Right now all i have left is a plastic measuring cup for liquids-up to 2 cups. And a 1/4 dry measuring cup. Sure, i can do basic measurements with the 1/4 but I'm lazy. Oh, the measuring spoons are a must. How am i going to measure the salsa for my salad?

Anyway, I love you guys! Your all so supportive! It shocks me that I'm so close to you. I'm don't trust people easily, and know from reading your blogs and talking to some of you through email, I'm almost closer to you than my some of my friends!

Anyway, i hope i still lose weight even if i eat the taco. I hope I'm Thinner tomorrow than i am today.

~Riki Ana

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Give me one reason to be fat, i'll give you a thousand and one to be thin.

I'm soooooo sorry girls/guys. I fucked up. My mom forced me to eat. I should have sneaked around it. FUCK. Oh did it end there....NO.

Today, i'm going to hang out with a friend. This particular friend, whenever we hang out, we just walk around town, for hours. So it's a great workout.

I've decided that today is my fasting day. I'm so sorry to those girls/guys who actually tried the fast yesterday. :(

I'm so ready this time around though. For the past few days, i feel like i didn't have the drive to actually starve. But i was trying to re-inspire myself, and i saw this post from

"If you want to lose weight, you have to work really fucking hard for it. Put down the candy. Don't go to the vending machine. Eat half or a quarter of what you normally would. And for Christ's sake, EXERCISE! That means at least 30 minutes of cardio!

Otherwise, it ain't gonna happen.

It just won't.There's no magic to it. You can decrease your caloric intake and burn more calories and then lose weight. There isn't any other way around it.

Yes, you will feel hungry. No, you won't die from that feeling. Drink some water, suck it up and maybe this summer you won't have to suck in your fat stomach. "

When i saw this, i felt like i actually needed to put in some work, "stop being such a lazy cunt"-my bro, and get my ass in gear if i want to lose weight.

I hope her words have also thinspired you also.


Yesterday i was on the couch and my shirt rode up to show my belly. My brother walked over and poked it. "squishy belly" he said. Then he proceeded to lift up his shirt and show me his 6 pack. Yea because i, the 14 year old, have a gym membership and go everyday to get said 6 pack. "Yours so bloated, you know guys hate soft bellies. It's disgusting." Then walked away.

Now i'm not trying to bash my bro, i love him, but he gives me great motivation. Who the hell wants a squishy belly?!?!?

I pinky-promise not to fail today's fast. (I take pinky-promises VERY seriously.)

~Riki Ana

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ok calm down. Let's fast.


109.5, FUCK MY LIFE!

Ok to tell you the truth, i didn't exactly stick to not eating yesterday. But let's put that under metabolism boosting meals.....

Anyway, to get rid of these nasty 2 pounds that slithered their way on to my body, I'm going to fast today.

Today I'm probably not going to be doing much. It's nice out again so i might go for a couple walk during the day....
Spring break is like a mini summer, you just sit in your house watching your TV, or go to your friend's house, and watch TV. Man, I'm so badass. ;)

Anyone want to fast today? It's a liquid fast so drink whatever, coffee, tea, juice, lemonade. But no Slurpee's, soups, or smoothies.

Maybe i'll post thinspo later, you know, if my fast paced life doesn't get in the way. :)

~Riki Ana

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy easter!

107.5 lbs. Holy shit, i lost a pound. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!

Today is Easter so i'll have to be on the look out for staying away from food.

I'm so happy i'm back down to 107.5!
But i don't really feel like i deserve it, Since yesterday, really i ate like a pig, but i was shopping with my mom, and with her she rushes so your almost running though out the store, then she's like HAVE DINNER! i was like ok. So i ate then went to bed. Bad move. I need to always not be still after eating for like 2hrs. or else it sits on my stomach, which it did last night. Ugggh. So i woke up like 11:30ish then i felt my stomach lurch, and me running to the bathroom puking. Great.
So maybe that's how i lost a pound?

What ever, a pound lost is still a pound lost.

I hope you all are doing good! Stay away from Easter candy and treats!

~Riki Ana!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

....i missed you

I missed you guys! Sorry i haven't been able to post, my teachers decided to be butt heads and give me a thousand tests right before spring break started. But now i can finally, RELAX! My weight is :( 108.5
Not bad, but not where i wanted to be right now.

Oh well, i have all this week to get back in the game, before school starts again.

Can i ask a question though? WHY DOES EVERY HOLIDAY INVOLVE FOOD! Gahh Now easter is tomorrow, and first i'm going to a party where, what else?, candy is going to be by the bucket load. Then after the party i'm going to my aunts for dinner, a big ass family dinner full of food, yummy food.......


Ok i'm back.

I'll have my liter water bottle possible a Crystal light package inside to help curb my cravings and i'll be set. By the end of spring break i want to be at 102. 6lbs. Can i do it? Let's find out!

Thank god spring is here! I can finally go for walks without dying of frost bite. It's 75 during the day here usually. Ahhh warm weather! But you know what that means... *gulp* summer.

Oh yea, this summer i'm getting my belly button pierced too. So that means FLAT TUMMY IS NEEDED! Who wants a muffin top when all the attention is going to be on your belly!

That's all for now!

~Riki Ana!