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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Long way to go

Well, good news is i lost weight! I'm down to......110.5

Yesterday i tried to give myself snacks to munch on and that seemed to work.
All i ate yesterday was...
*Breakfast: A rice cake
*Snack: 1/2 cup of grapes
*Lunch : 1/2 cup of grapes
*Dinner : 1 soup at hand- vegetable beef and a rice cake.
*Snack : 50 cals of orange juice

Do any of you miss eating soup and crackers? I did. Then it dawned on me that a rice cake could be like a cracker. IT IS! It was yummy and filling as hell!

Anyway my total was... 290 cals!!!!!

And my stomach was growling quite a bit, but i ignored it. I kinda liked hearing it though, it means my metabolism is at a steady pace.

Today is supposed to be the "No carbs day" on my diet plan. But everything in my house has carbs, even the salad. So I'm going to say fuck it on the no carbs, and just keep my count down. Today is less than 500. So I'll prolly stick to the same plan as yesterday.

The only soup i have left though is a creamy tomato which has a high cost of 190 cals. Maybe that will be my dinner since it's thicker and more filling, even without the rice cake.
Hopefully my day will be
*breakfast-rice cake: 35
*Snack- 1/2 cup of grapes: 50
*lunch- 1/2 cup of grapes: 50
*Dinner- Creamy tomato soup: 190
And all that would equal 325 cals under that limit.
Maybe a rice cake with dinner? +35 cals
That would make it 360. Still not bad.


On Friday, we had this party in my English class for Shakespeare day. There was a HUGE table of food. As i said before, THIS is why i had gained weight :( Anyway, there is this one thin girl, like really thin. She's always in plays and things. Like for the play i was stage crew and down where they were changing. I caught a glimpse of her with no shirt. HOLY SHIT. She looks like an Ana godess!

ok, back to the story.

With all of this food, everyone was munching away. Not her though. Then someone opened the bag of carrots on the table and she shouts "Yay! Carrots!" Who, that is normal, shouts for carrots? I immediately envy her. Why don't i have her willpower? Then she sees the raspberries and and has 1 or 2. So with all of this amazing food around she eats 2 carrots and 2 raspberries.

She was also wearing a low cut top. Hello ribs. you could see everyone of them! ::drooling::

So maybe she's Ana? Wouldn't doubt it. Or a freaky fast, healthy eater. Who knows. But if she is Ana she sure as hell gets away with it.

I will have more willpower than her.
I will have power over sweets.
I will have HER envying ME
I will have a gorgeous body.

~Riki Ana
Stay Strong


  1. Wow, she sounds amazing...
    You did great yesterday, and I hope today goes well for you too!
    I'm jealous of your new thinspo :)
    Stay strong!!

  2. ugh i wish i were that girl! but i wish i were you too :)
    stay strong <3

  3. I love hearing my stomach growl... means I'm doing a good job:)

    Good job on restricting!

  4. Great job sweetie!!!! I wish I was that girl thats fucking amazing!!!! Stay strong hun you can do it!