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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Burned out

So its summer!! i have my last final tomorrow then i get out at 10 and im hanging out with my dad all day :)

For my birthday, i'm giving myself a quarter. For those who dont smoke, its $120 and its a large quantity of weed. Im excited :)

My friend who i smoke with quite often always talks about how shes a "stoner" truthfully even i dont classify myself as that bc I may smoke a lot but no where enar the amount of some of the kids i hang out with. One of my friends smokes half a quater a day. I smoke what a dub every couple of days? not bad

Though i have gotten high 6 out of 7 days this past week :)

She didnt know how to use a bong or a bowl. wtf????????

I repierced my belly button. I love it now. I wonder why i didnt like it before?

I was 112 lbs on monday. it was nice, but ive gotten munchies EVERY FUCKING TIME i smoked. wtf

i think i've eaten 12 bags of skittles in the past week, and a disgusting amount of twix bars.


I see i have 151 followers now. HOLY SHIT!

i love you guys so much!

I want someone to talk to, so comment!!!

~Riki Ana