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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The sun will always shine, no matter what you did yesterday.

that's how i feel -_-

Ok recap of yesterday.

I didn't eat the entire day like i wanted too, then around 7pm i went to my dad's house. I was already anxious because i don't usually eat past seven. They put the food in the oven and we ate around 7:30. I took the same amount of food as everyone else. :( I could have had less but earlier in the day while i went to go through something out, she saw my form walking away, and said "Riki your so skinny! Stop being skinny!" She joked. She is also on a diet. She is quite slim. But anyway, i wanted to seem like a freaky fast metabolism person, so i ate. A piece of bread with cheese. Steak-very, very red steak. Potatoes, and Corn-spicy "southwest" style corn, spicy food boost the metabolism. Then after the meal I was handed a bowl-3 scoops of rocky road ice cream with sprinkles. YUM, just saying. So that was my day.

Want to know my weight?
It's why i feel like -_-
It's not good, not bad.
So no change.
Eh, better than a gain.

Today, since i know if i were to go straight back to fasting today it would suck, I'm going to do a sub-100 day. Mainly because i want my Salad with salsa. So that would be 40 cals. Or if i had a big enough craving and had two salads it still would only be 80.

But, alas, there always has to be a problem. Tonight, i might go to a friend's house for a sleep over. And she has a sweet tooth. So there would be lot's of treats there. Hopefully, before i go i can walk down to the gas station and get a liter water bottle, and put a crystal light packet. That will probably hold me over. Then i can use the "Oh I'm going to eat there mom." then the "Oh sorry, i ate at home." excuse.


Want to know something that freaks me out? After a binge, those days were your thinning out to go back to fasting and such, when you don't have to use the bathroom at all, since your barely eating. And the food is still inside of you! Sitting in your stomach, refusing to digest, trapped inside your body. *shutter* When i think of that i cringe, i just hate knowing that it's, stuck in there.

I hope i didn't give you that worry also....

Anyway that's all for now.

Ana luv to you.
~Riki Ana
P.s. I love your comments! You guys are sooooo sweet!


  1. When I binge (thank goodness I haven't done it in weeks) I take laxatives.

    My mom made me eat a few bites of dinner last night and it broke my fast from Sunday-Wednesday, so I took a bunch of laxatives. Took care of that settling food in the stomach this morning!

    And you're doing great! Good luck with your friend's sleep over!

  2. Aww Riki you'll make up for it! You're doing great! Just remember that those sweets don't control you! DOn't let those cookies stand in your way =] go luck tonight stay strong <3!

  3. I hate that ANY TIME, regardless of a binge or not, it sucks having food stuck in you and puffing you up > <

    Thanks for your sweet comment, bytheway! <3 :]