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Saturday, April 3, 2010

....i missed you

I missed you guys! Sorry i haven't been able to post, my teachers decided to be butt heads and give me a thousand tests right before spring break started. But now i can finally, RELAX! My weight is :( 108.5
Not bad, but not where i wanted to be right now.

Oh well, i have all this week to get back in the game, before school starts again.

Can i ask a question though? WHY DOES EVERY HOLIDAY INVOLVE FOOD! Gahh Now easter is tomorrow, and first i'm going to a party where, what else?, candy is going to be by the bucket load. Then after the party i'm going to my aunts for dinner, a big ass family dinner full of food, yummy food.......


Ok i'm back.

I'll have my liter water bottle possible a Crystal light package inside to help curb my cravings and i'll be set. By the end of spring break i want to be at 102. 6lbs. Can i do it? Let's find out!

Thank god spring is here! I can finally go for walks without dying of frost bite. It's 75 during the day here usually. Ahhh warm weather! But you know what that means... *gulp* summer.

Oh yea, this summer i'm getting my belly button pierced too. So that means FLAT TUMMY IS NEEDED! Who wants a muffin top when all the attention is going to be on your belly!

That's all for now!

~Riki Ana!

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  1. I'm excited for walking too! =)
    Good luck with dinner at your aunt's tomorrow, haha I have the exact same thing to go to.
    Have a good break [: