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Saturday, April 24, 2010


This week was SOO hectic. I got my grades and..... D:

well, sort of. A in English, B+ in Bio and a 69 in Algebra. Hehe 69. Anyway aside from teenager humor, it's time to get down to business

Last week sucked. Major ass.

This week will be my shining light though.

Starting tomorrow i will re-do Last weeks diet and PINKY PROMISE to stick to it. The entire week. Is it sad, the only way i get things done is to pinky promise them? ;)

My weight....I have no idea. I really have to pee tho so i'll edit the post later and fill you in. Last time i checked though it was 111 again but yesterday i went to my daddies and he gave us his AMAZING enchiladas. mmmm

It wasn't that bad though, since his g-friend is on a "healthy" eating diet she only buys organic, multi-grain, low sodium, etc.

So maybe i'll be happy with the number on the scale... prolly not though.

Today, i'm not really doing anything set. Mainly to-day is a get back to the swing of things day. My friends are coming over though, so that will be a test of strength. I'll pass though :)

First thing, i have to go do a clean up day for a school project thing. So that will burn cals. Then we are walking (yay! more cals burnt) then watching a movie. (they will be eating popcorn, me rice cakes :D )
Let me just say, i <3 rice cakes. They are the size of my friken palm and aren't the bad compared to what people say about them, and i usually end up drinking a bottle of water with it. So they are my new lover. Shh, don't tell the low-cal cereal.

So today, staying under 800-900 should be good.


To commenters, Sunny- I miss blogging everyday! It's just so hard to get to, with so many people in my house. In the beginning my sis had sports so she didn't even get home till 5:30 now she comes home right after school. But, :D , she's doing softball now so.... More time YAY!

Also, i have to be sneaky with this blog. It's hard being sneaky when your older bro is throwing a party in the downstairs. Which is where the computer is. Haha.

But i will try to update more often for all you guys as much as i can. <3


To everyone else, you are too kind! When i'm down in the dumps you guys dust me off and put right back where i should be! i love u!


DUN DUN DUNNNN! Summer! *gasp* it's almost may so 37 days, if my math is correct, untill JUNE 1ST. FUCK!

I need to be down to 95 by then.
I WILL be down to 95 by then.

~Riki Ana


  1. That's right, you WILL be at 95 by then :) Stay strong babers.
    Haha, promising is the only thing that seems to work for me too. Sad sad sad :P

  2. oh dear. I remember my grades. in high school, I was lucky to pass algebra with a D- so your 69 is dancing circles around my old 59's. Haha. :)