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Friday, April 9, 2010

Eatin's Cheaten

Bleh, i don't really want to describe what happened yesterday so i'll give you the gist of it.
-i ate :(
-i didn't sleep over :(
-it was hot as hell in my house :(
-But i had awesome dreams :D

Anyway my weight is...... 110.5


Shh, do you hear that?
Listen closely
There it was again!

Oh my god it's coming closer!

it's, it's

A FAST!!!!

Why yes, i did waste a couple seconds of your life making you read that introduction.

So yep, going to fast today. I don't really care at this point if it's going to suck.

It's already April 9th. What the hell! Spring break is over in 2 days. and I'm still at a fucking fat ass weight. FUCK.

Any of you gorgeous skinnies want to join? It's today and possibly tomorrow if my mom decides not to ruin my fasting plans.


Sorry for the shitty post. i litterly JUST woke up. I like getting the fast out there early so you read it before your breakfast or something.


I love you all<3
Ana luv to you
Starve on
Think Thin
Stay Strong

~Riki Ana!


  1. thank you very very much for following! i'll follow you back of course.
    today i'm fasting as well, i wish us both good luck :)
    stay strong

  2. hellz yea!!!!! lol I need a fast soooo bad ughhh my spring break ended wednesday =[ but we'll have you back down to 107 by sunday! Stay strong hun you can do it =]

  3. You can do it riki, you can! You'll have all them girls envying your body :)

  4. I'll be fasting pretty much all of next week (Monday-Thursday). If you'd like to join, please do:)