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Monday, April 5, 2010

Ok calm down. Let's fast.


109.5, FUCK MY LIFE!

Ok to tell you the truth, i didn't exactly stick to not eating yesterday. But let's put that under metabolism boosting meals.....

Anyway, to get rid of these nasty 2 pounds that slithered their way on to my body, I'm going to fast today.

Today I'm probably not going to be doing much. It's nice out again so i might go for a couple walk during the day....
Spring break is like a mini summer, you just sit in your house watching your TV, or go to your friend's house, and watch TV. Man, I'm so badass. ;)

Anyone want to fast today? It's a liquid fast so drink whatever, coffee, tea, juice, lemonade. But no Slurpee's, soups, or smoothies.

Maybe i'll post thinspo later, you know, if my fast paced life doesn't get in the way. :)

~Riki Ana


  1. I'm fasting today and tomorrow too! You've got support over here.

  2. Good luck with today! [: I'd fast with you but already ate today > <

  3. Good luck today! I'm sure you'll do awesome.

  4. Seriously I know the feeling. My Easter Sunday=worst.I am starting my cleanse diet. I posted it on my blog:

    if anyone's interested....