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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy easter!

107.5 lbs. Holy shit, i lost a pound. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!

Today is Easter so i'll have to be on the look out for staying away from food.

I'm so happy i'm back down to 107.5!
But i don't really feel like i deserve it, Since yesterday, really i ate like a pig, but i was shopping with my mom, and with her she rushes so your almost running though out the store, then she's like HAVE DINNER! i was like ok. So i ate then went to bed. Bad move. I need to always not be still after eating for like 2hrs. or else it sits on my stomach, which it did last night. Ugggh. So i woke up like 11:30ish then i felt my stomach lurch, and me running to the bathroom puking. Great.
So maybe that's how i lost a pound?

What ever, a pound lost is still a pound lost.

I hope you all are doing good! Stay away from Easter candy and treats!

~Riki Ana!

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