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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pizza? No thanks...

Hey girlies!!!!! Man, i feel soooo great right now! I've been fasting all day, at lunch i thought i was going to binge but i chewed some gum, then i bought a Vitamin water with 10cals per serving. And my craving for food was GONE. yay! Now my mom is buying a pizza :( but if i can keep this control i should be good. I'm going to look great for the dance on Saturday especially if i can fast till then.

To someone that commented i wanted to say thanks! Your comment made me smile :) Anorexics are everywhere. When we feel lonely we really shouldn't. Look at how many blogs and web pages there are!

So yep. My life has been boring. I've been weak. But hopefully it's all going to change! I've been dreading Thanksgiving. I really want to do a 4day fast then on thanksgiving restrict. Since there is only 1 meal on thanksgiving it will help.

Oh yea i'm soooo happy my sister is going to be starting a new sport. That gives me more time to blog. Which will keep me from eating. yay! Man, i'm in a good mood.

So how have you all been doing??? I would hope well.

I'll probably blog more later when the pizza gets here :/ so more later. Something more interesting then too.

Ana luv to you!
~Riki Ana


  1. I was doing ok until a couple of days ago and I just lost it. I think I have to do something that food-addicts do, write down a list of "binge-trigger" and simply never touch them again, it is like alcoholism... seiruosly... that is SO what I should do, I could just tell people I get sick from eating those things :D

    Good luck with not having any pizza!!

  2. Resist that yucky pizza! Just tell yourself that the delivery guy sneezed all over it. :)