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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Control, control, control

wtf. Why do i have NO say in my life?
Riki, do the dishes!
Riki, walk the dog!
Riki, eat!
Riki, do this!
Riki do that!

DO IT YOURSELF! gah! i've been forcefed and weak the past two days. Off the hook for tommorrow so i going to (hopefully) fast then. I have a dance on Saturday so i want to lose 4lbs by then. I plan on fasting til the dance and during it. My current wieght is 111 or 112 or a dreaded 113.

Apparently my bro controls my sis so my sis contols me and i control nothing. How the hell did that happen? grrr!
I can only control one thing. My eating.

Ha, i just lied to my friend. I know i shouldn't like that but i do.
"Want to get Food at the mall while dress shopping?"
"YES!!! sounds good. Yummy!"

Haahaha yea right.

Let me be skinny. Let me have control!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully i'll have more time to write soon. I hate writting while people are home. Luckily my sis went for a jog. So more later...
Oh yea you guys were commenting about the shower buring the cals. I know it proabably wouldn't burn that much.
On no she's home
~Riki Ana

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  1. Hello!
    I a not english so sorry when my english is poor, but i am anorexicgirl,so we have common matter:)
    I am very happy to find this page:)