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Friday, November 6, 2009

Thinner is always the Winner

Tomorrow I'm going to the mall. Perfect day to fast. I can get some smaller shirts and jeans for some inspiration. Then while my friends stuff their face's at the food court I'll drink my unsweetened green tea. Then I'll finally start shrinking and go back into Ana land.

Oh yea, officially sick. Hopefully better by tomorrow. I get this pain in my stomach so then i have to eat. Luckily green tea numbs it.

I'm going to try to skip dinner tonight. Maybe not though, it all depends on how i feel, maybe some soup?

My ever encouraging bro called me a lazy fat ass again. He's so kind. (sarcasm) But then it's the kick in the ass i need to skip that meal. So thank you big bro, the day i waste away I'll be sure to thank you. :)

Eating today was.... a little bit worse than ok. Could have been worse. Luckily, Ana's sweet whisper has been in my head all day.

Oh yea! i almost forgot. I was looking at the free on demand service for IO TV and they have a cardio routine and all of these other work-outs. Yay!

I might not be able to post tomorrow, maybe early morning...

So that's all for now.
Starve on,
~Riki Ana

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