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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Better wasted than waisted.

Yesterday i went to the mall. I bought the CUTEST shirt dress sort of thing. And you have to have a flat tummy to wear it!!! Yay clothing thinspo! I planned on fasting all day. It was weird like usually during fasts i have major temptation issues. But yesterday like the thought of food and eating just turned me off. But my sister was hungry and so then i have to eat. I know that i shouldn't have but she is already suspicious and me not eating would have made it worse. So i bought my favorite food court item. Popcorn chicken. I know gross. I only eat around half, because my sis got up to get a soda and i threw the rest out. Still loads of calories. But that was the only thing i ate all day so that's good.

My current weight is at 109. A stupid plateau. Damn.

Then this morning Frito's were calling my name. If i ever eat other Frito in my life it will still be to soon.

So today after my little Frito binge, with a side of mac and cheese. :( eww i sound gross :( ughhh

I'm going to fast hopefully. But today is Sunday. Sunday is horrible for me because everyone in my family is home. So maybe alot of restricting... We'll see.....

If you noticed at the top of the page above my thinspo quotes there is a binge counter thing. It will help keep me on track. You all will know the depressing news before you even read the blog entry. So that's a good reason to stay on track. Oh yea i borrowed the idea from Sophia. Hope you don't mind..... :/


I HATE Thanksgiving. What a disgusting holiday. Anyone got tips for avoiding food on Thanksgiving?!?!?!
Tomorrow i'm starting a fast and going in till Thanksgiving. Hopefully it will balance out the fast and binge....hmmm.......

Hope you are all doing well. I love seeing how many followers i have!!!!!! :)
Ana luv to you!
Think Thin & Starve On,
Riki Ana

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  1. Great that you keep motivated by it! I actually noticed the binge-counter-thing on another blog so I'm all good with you making one too ^-^

    I seriously need to stay on track...