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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starving hurts less than looking in the mirror.

So far so good. So far I have had 360 calories. Then i took a cold shower for 15min and that burns 400 cals so that's good. I'm going to skip lunch today then have a tiny dinner. My weight today was 113. Blehhhhh. I hope to be at 106 at the end of the week. I know it's a reach but i can wish....

Someone asked if i know any good thinspo websites. This one is great, all thinspo all the time.

I think i might fast soon

Ekk people coming see ya later!
~Riki Ana
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  1. Where did you hear cold showers burn so much? I've heard it but I don't trust it and I also kinda don't want to start growing more hair everywhere because I'm so cold all the time. But if you think it works just go for it =)

  2. I never heard about cold showers,i think it is not burn hair are very shit...

  3. You dont really burn 400 cals in an hr while in a cold shower. Plus the smaller you are the less you will burn no matter what you are doing.