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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tips and Tricks

So today is day three no food. May i say i'm VERY proud of myself. I haven't been able to fast in FOREVER, now i'm doing it with such an ease, it's as natural as breathing.

My current weight is......

*drummmmm rolllllll..............*

109lbs! WOO-HOO

I'm getting close to 105, 4 lbs to go. Yay!

*The tips and tricks have been removed due to inaccurate information*

~Riki Ana xoxoxo


  1. these are awesome. thanks for posting them. &congrats in 109. you'll be 105 in no time. stay strong, lovely, you're doing great.


  2. I'm sorry but I just had to comment on mentioned at the start where you got these tips so you're not to blame for the inaccuracies if that's any consolation.

    Firstly, Anorexia is not a disease or a way or life. It's a mental illness...with the highest fatality rate of any psychological disorder.

    Secondly some of these tips are ridiculous, being cold causes your body to build up MORE fat to keep it warm not loose weight!

    And I've never heard of laxatives making you gain weight! Granted they don't help you loose healthy weight but that's a different story. Infact, as someone who has suffered severe anorexia for a long time and abused laxatives I know they actually cause you to loose muscle over long periods of time. That's bad.

    Have you any idea how hard it is to fake recovery and continue loosing weight without people noticing if you are an outpatient anyway? Unless some sees me eat I haven't eaten and therefore no one trusts me.

    Diet pills and caffine pills are dangerous too, especially with lots of exercise - they can cause you to develop epilepsy.

    And why are you trying to put yourself off food? Most anorexics already hate food, they don't need the help!

    Look, I'm not against you Pro-Ana folk...I'll support anyone to get where they want to but please at least acknowledge that this is a serious illness and if you're gonna post tips at least make sure the facts are right.

    Take care, I hope you get to where ever you want to be without hurting yourself or anyone else too much - you don't deserve to get hurt by this illness. xx

  3. I am actually joined on that site, and honestly, those "tips" are just a way for wannarexics to "get anorexia".
    While Anonymous is stupid saying that most anorexics hate food (they don't hate food, they hate calories/fat and their bodies, and anorexia as well as other eating disorders are often signs of another underlying problem. Get it right, Anon.), those "tips" I've seen before, and they're honestly awful. Just another way for little thirteen and fourteen year olds to "get anorexia".

  4. Congrats on your loss! You'll have the mani in no time! :D

  5. Hi Charlie, it's the same anonymous...I see what you're saying, I probablyj should have been more clear with my post...though I'd appreciate if you didn't call me stupid - I've had anorexia since I was twelve and it's hell and I know the variety of reasons behind. I think it's probably different for everyone and sterotyping isn't going to help anyone so I'm just pointing out how can, not always, but can affect people. I'm scared of food and I'm scared of calories - just because an apple has about 50 calories in it doesn't stop me being scared and thus that fear leads, for me, to hate. And yeh, you are right - anorexia has deeper roots, it's a way of being in control, being the "best" - that's why it's a mental illness. Hope you are ok x