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Sunday, March 21, 2010


107.5 lbs!!!!!!!


Ok so yesterday i went to the mall, all i had there was a couple water bottles and a diet coke. Then when i got home around 7-ish i had some chips/pretzels :(

But still after walking around for a shitload of time i STILL lost weight. THANK YOU LORD!

Today is Sunday and luckily i'll be some-what busy. I still have to,
-go to church
-work on some school projects :(
-walk the dog
-clean my room D:

And some other crap. If i didn't have that small binge yesterday, i'd probably be at 107, but to get rid of that .5 i'll work extra hard!

I'll probably be at 105 by Tuesday or Wednesday...

At the mall yesterday, the dressing rooms were...depressing. For some reason i somehow believe i can fit in sizes WAYYYYY too small for me. At "lunch" when i felt like i was going to give in, i went to a store before, and tried on a pair of tiny ass short shorts, so reverse thinspo and BOY, DID IT WORK. ewwwie, my legs are mega gross. I recommend this girls, try on a tiny pair of shorts before you eat and see if you still feel like eating.

Man i love you guys! You guys are the best thinspiration out there! Knowing i have to come home and write a depressing entry about everything i ate, makes me want to never eat again. Without you and this blog, i don't even want to know what i would look like. *shutter*

Right now, i haven't eaten or drank anything(should probably start some water...) and i look...ok. My stomach is kinda flat, i still have some bulge. My arms....They look thin, but if you pull on them or i move they are flabby. My legs...... Let's not go there.... So i need to get in shape and start a toning work out for summer.

Sorry girls, no matter how much i try, for some reason, summer wouldn't stop coming. D:

Oh well, we'll show summer whose boss!

This past week was hot as hell where i live. So i was wearing leggings one day. :( And soon i might have to break out the shorts..... Gahh, i'm not ready for shorts!

Anyway that's me freaking out ^^

~Riki Ana

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  1. Dude, congrats! So uber jealous, haha. I joined you yesterday and I'm proud to say I lasted all dya as well. Only I didn't lose anything :(

    Keep up the good work, beauty!

  2. Congrats! Sheesh, only 8 pounds away from double-digits...I'm jealous! :P Good work staying strong at the mall, food courts make me weak > <

    Take care,