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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time for a new Vogue!

Yes, you did read that title right. I current weight is 110 lbs! I would like to thank strep throat which is currently giving me a fever and making me tired, sick, and headaches.

so yep, i do have strep throat. That's why i wasn't able to post. Sucky sickness.

Yesterday i fasted all day, today i haven't eating anything either. Don't plan on it.

YAY! I'm so happy. Just being back on track is great. Next goal is 105-Manicure! i need one badly too.

While reading other girl's blogs it slapped me across the face that summer is coming. FUCK. It's already March 3rd. That means i only have 4 months (including the rest of March) to get to 95 by June 1st. AHHHHH! bathing suit season.

Come on girls! we can do this, i bet by June we all will look great. We need to get our asses in gear and get ready to wear our bikinis with pride! Think about it, Would you rather be wearing a long tee shirt to hide your flab, and getting chub-rub and being all sweaty and gross? OR be the envy of every other girl on the beach, have the eyes of everyone full of jealously while looking at our tone legs and thighs, with our flat stomachs, while they are pigging out on ice-cream and hot dogs, we will be enjoying an ice cold glass of water, or perhaps a diet coke.

We CAN do this, and we WILL.
Let's show everyone we can do this!

Do not sit and wish, the only way to get what you want is to DO.

Let's be strong girls. I'll post tips and tricks next time.

~Riki Ana


  1. Well, there are no beaches here, but you're so right, if we aren't doing well now, there's no hope of reaching our goals by summer. Well there is, it's just really low.
    I'm sorry you have strep throat, I've never had it before so I don't know what it's like, but it's great that it's caused you to lose weight. :) But it sounds painful..

  2. Congrats on getting to 110! You're 7lbs lower than me, you lucky girl. We're the same height so I'm definitely going to be using you as thinspiration :D

    And you're so right about summer coming. It's been on my mind constantly for the past week or so. I'm hoping to reach my goal by June 1st as well. Definitely want to look slammin' for my 21st birthday at the end of June too.

  3. yay! we will we will we will! lol

    btw it's three months till june 1st lol...sorry to take a month away from you!

    congrats! keep up the great stuff.

    Stay Strong<3