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Saturday, March 6, 2010

2nd post please read Sorryy first!!!

Hey everyone. Please read Sorryy first if you have not.


Anyway, let's hear about my weight shall we?

Dum dum dum!!!!!!!!


It would have been lighter, tho i'm not complaining, if i weren't have had a small binge yesterday. You see, i could have easily gone with out food. But today i'm going to hang out with my dad. Therefore we are going to be eating. But if i were to have fasted yesterday i would have not have eaten for 4 days, making my metabolism very s.l.o.w. And it wouldn't have taken the greasy food my dad is sure to give me very kindly. So i was worrying about whether to eat and jump start it last night. I decided to. I ate a granola bar. But i was happy with that so i had a few other things. :(

I felt so bad about it afterwords. I actually cried, like not full on tears but my eyes were watering. That has never happened after a binge before. I guess because now i'm so dedicated to you guys, and myself i don't want to fail.

Anyway i was expecting worse on the scale, but 107 is good enough for me! Today i ate a granola bar so that 100 cals. I don't really mind it though, i'm going to try to not eat today, but sooner or later my dad is going to force me. :( Maybe i can still be a little sick from the week. *cough cough* ;)

Now i'm in a bad mood. Well, not really bad but sad-ish. I feel bad i gave you guys wrong info from the tips and tricks. I feel like i lost my trust from you. :( I should have paid attention to what they said before i posted them. Me sorry.
I don't want my blog to encourage "wannarexics" So here is my warning,
If you are wannarexic please leave my blog, you will not be tolerated. Anorexia is a mental illness, not a game.

There you go. Damn i'm still sad. :(

~Riki Ana
Please forgive me for the Tips/Tricks post.


  1. Cheer up buttercup! Nobody here is a scientist...that I know of lol and yes a lot of inaccuracies are posted on the interwebz but hey you have to take it all with a grain of salt. Not too much though or you'll bloat. :)

  2. You're doing great you'll get ur mani soon! You won't lose anyone because of that one post!! You're a thinspiration to us all and I know I'm definitly going to keep following! Stay strong<3