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Friday, March 26, 2010

Fasting tomorrow

Anyone want to join? it will be liquids only.

For me i'm only having crystal light, coke zero and water.
Man, i need to shed these unwanted pounds. *sigh*

Today i had 4 liters of water. Yay. But too many calories. Boo, oh well nothing like a good plain FAST to get you hyped up.

It's 10:33 here, heading to bed soon I need my 8-9 hours before a long day tomorrow. (Well, not really...Boring life remember?)

Maybe some thinspo since i'll have some time to spare tomorrow.

Love you all.

Sweet Dreams
~Riki Ana


  1. Can I? lol I did so bad today ughh wayy too many calories fasting is a must

  2. I wish I could join you on that! Unfortunately I have to go out with the family :(.
    Good luck! Stay strong :) x

  3. I'm joining you on this one!