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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back, and ready for action.

I haven't posted in the past few days, but i'm back and ready to go.

You all left such encouraging comments. i <3 u!

Today, i went to the food store and bought some great low-cal stuff.
-Cheerios Crunch-100 cals for 3/4 cup
-5 non fat yogurts in all different flavors.(Even chocolate!) Yum. 100-110 cals
-Crystal light-5 cals for half a packet (couldn't find any zero cal ones) D: oh well.
-Sugar Free jello- 10 cals per serving
-Reusable water bottles.


Tomorrow i'm preparing for my Saturday fast, so under 300. I'm excited top be back in the game. I was reading the Anaregzig blog to re-inspire me, and boy did it work. She has such goods tips in here posts too. I hope she will return soon....

Sorry for the short post. It's 8pm here and i have to do a project i haven't even started yet.....
gahh why am i such a procrastinator!

Ana love to you
~Riki Ana

btw- my current weight is 110. BOO! D: (Not to worry girls! My ass is going into gear tomorrow!)

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  1. What kind of fast are you doing? I might join you!