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Friday, March 19, 2010

-Crossing the line-

Hola, my chickaboo's. How are we all doing today?

Oh me?

Well.... I don't even want to say what i ate so i'll just tell you my weight.

Not bad....ish.

Tomorrow=NO FOOD And i mean it.

Anyone want to join??????

Pretty please? As you all know tomorrow i'm going to the mall, full of skinnies. YAY THINSPO! But of course there is always the threat of the Wetzels pretzels stands and thier sinfully Cinnamon Pretzel. Boo. And i can't even find out how many calories are in it because the website doesn't show it. Mega boo.

Whatever it's not like i'm going to let myself it anything anyway. I'm going to be there ALL DAY and around my friends if i don't eat they don't really care or notice.

So tomorrow,
Diet soda


Another thing,

Story time!

Ok so like two days ago i was walking home with my friend and somehow the topic came up(she doesn't know) And i asked what she'd do if i was anorexic. She said she'd probably wouldn't be friends with me. WTF?

I have a disorder and you dump me!

Her reasoning was, That she picks up habits easily and might pick up the bad eating habits.

Ok that's not a bad reason, but really! She isn't a saint either. Bleh. Whatever, what she doesn't know won't kill her. (Btw this is a different friend from last time)

I love her to death, i do. And if i get another fucking comment telling me otherwise, i WILL castrate someone!

One time a girl started to call her names and yell at her really badly and i flipped shit on her, ahh memories. :)

hehe, i'm so nice.
To sum it all up,

*Join the fast tomorrow
*i weigh 109
*and well that's pretty much it.

Also someone asked me what UGW meant, it means Ultimate Goal Weight. So it's like the final weight you want to get down to. Mine is 95lbs.

ANA LUV TO U ALL!!!!!!!!!
~Riki Ana


  1. I'll join. Starting today I guess since it's already 2:15 on the 20th... I can get away with breakfast and lunch for sure but I'm not positive if I can get away with dinner. I can try though.

  2. I can't believe your friend would say that. I used to suffer with bulimia and I don't know how I would've coped without my friends around me. But I guess she might feel differently if she knew about your problem? Eitherway, I hope you do have someone to support you.

  3. I'll definitely join you today. God knows I need this and I've never tried to fast with someone else before. I'm curious to try :)