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Sunday, March 7, 2010


Fuck, FUCK, FUCK. Would someone like to explain to me, how 2 meals, 2 frikin measly meals, caused me to gain 2 FUCKING POUNDS!

well, Ok it wasn't just 2 meals.

Yesterday my Dad took us to the flea market. (we always go, it's like a family tradition) Anyway, i was trying to be a good little Ana and not eat, but i had a soft pretzel (that wasn't even good) Then apparently that wasn't "lunch" so i had to choose something else and i got french fries. My family had some too.

Then we got back to her house and she gave us pizza, with a side of chips. When i got back to my house i had a 3 granola bars.

Then angry with myself i decided to take the dog for a walk, hoping it would burn something.

I was expecting 108, but 109 UNACCEPTABLE.


well, that's what i would want it to be. But i can't since i have to go out to lunch for a birthday party for a extended family member. I've been to the place before, like 2 years ago, the food is good, which is often a sign of high calorie content. :( So, Salad here i come!

Ugh, i hate going up in weight after feeling lower. *sigh*

Anyway here's some thinspo for you lovely ladies, to inspire you to get to your goals!

I hope you have been inspired!
Have a lovely day my skinny minnies.
Riki Ana


  1. Aww, It's okay you've eaten a lot. You can do better today :] You can get back down again, and even further!
    Everyone has a binge day once in a while, but isnt that good for metabolism? So don't think of it as a fail, just think of it as a metabolism boost? and get back to restricting again ^_^
    Goodluck <3

  2. It's ok Riki! You slipped up but you're strong you can do this! You just have to do better today <3 stay strong you can do this!

  3. i gained 7 lbs this weekend, and i've already lost 4.5 in two days. you can make this up and thensome. just be strong