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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


OH MY GOD, i can restrict! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Diet coke,
2 bites of dinner,
1 cinnamon roll,
1 bowl of salad,
And something else but i can't remember it.
But i remember the total was like 600-700 cals.

1 rice crispy treat,
3 bites of dinner,
Diet coke,
Again something else, but bad memory.
I ate 500-650 cals.


Then today, i felt amazing. Like nothing could stop me from becoming perfect. of the most dreaded words, C-U-P-C-A-K-E. and of course,

But, the good news is,
This morning at weigh-in, I was.....

108 lbs!

So tomorrow, if i abstain from eating for the rest of the day i should be,

Oh well, i'm still happy i've discovered how to restrict (with out many cravings!)

Want to know the secret?

Do you really want to know?

Are you sure?

Ok so it is.....


Who could have guessed?

The moment i woke up, i drank 1/4 of my bottle, the finished it and a second one before school. Then i drank one more bottle before lunch, one during lunch, one after lunch, one when i got home, one more before dinner, one more after dinner. Then repeated the cycle the next day. In between waters, i had my savior, diet coke.

So i was drinking 72 oz of water. (My bottle fills up to 9 oz) YAY!


On Saturday i'm going to the mall. So i want to be as thin as possible by then.

I've decided to try and fast on Friday's and Saturday's.

Why, might you ask?

Well, my mommy no longer works nights, EXCEPT Friday's, and Saturday's. So it's the only 2 days i can get away from her eagle eye. (oo) <---hehe That's her eagle eye...

I can't believe it's already March 17. Summer is a coming! :(

Sorry i haven't posted the past couple days, My sis was writing a long ass paper so the computer was under her 24 hr use.

I hope you all are in good modes as i am!
Tell me about your days if you want!

I love you guys with all my hearts (If that's not creepy )
~Riki Ana
P.s. When i was doing good, i was exciting thinking about telling you guys GOOD news for once!


  1. Good job, that's awesome! I'm proud of you for that :) I know, water truly is like the miracle substance.
    Summer IS coming D: Least you have until then, in a little over a week I leave on vacation...swim suit time x.x

  2. Great job!!!!!!! I knew you could do it lovely that's incredible!!!!!!I'm soo proud of you you'll be at your goal weight before summer!!!!

  3. what does ugw mean!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  4. All you really have to do is eat enough so that you don't reach a weak point... like when you pass a vending machine and buy two bags of peanutbutter m&ms. Ugh.