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Friday, March 12, 2010

I miss you all

Hey everyone,

This is going to be short, but i had to post.

I'm a failure. I wasn't going to post but i'm forcing myself too. I'm not 111 though *thank god* but i'm still 110.5

Stupid cafeteria food. :(

I have a MAJOR headache. I wouldn't mind if it was a starving headache, cuz at least i'd be losing lbs, but this is a please-close-the-blinds-and-stop-shoving-food-in-your-fat-mouth kind of headache. And the worst thing is we don't have any Advil so i had to use asprin which doesn't do anything for me D: (that's a MEGA sad face btw)

So anyway, i'm going to try to be a good little Ana tonight but i am a fat fuck, so let's hope Ana is with me tonight.

You know what really gets me worked up and wanting to starve. Is whenever i'm eating i think about the millions of other Ana's out there, who are dizzy, hungry, and beautiful. How they are strong enough to not give in, so why am i eating?

Anyway that's just another thought in my effed up mind.

Love you with ALL my heart
Riki Ana

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  1. I know how you feel! I fasted all week to completely ruin it today:( but ur strong Riki!!!! You can do it! You've reached new vogue so you can get to ur mani! you're just as strong as those other Ana's!!!!! Think thin<3