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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Holy shit!!!!!!

Ok, i just got back from my sleepover. I was gone from 8:45 yesterday to 2:30 today. I come onto the computer to find this..... in the fucking address bar history. FUCK. I must have forgotten to delete it! My entire ana-life might have been exposed. I don't know if anyone looked at it, but know i'm scared as hell.

If someone did look at it, they'll definitely remember my web-address so as of now the new blog address is

Girls, i know some of my users aren't posted of my blog updates and just check my blog through the address. So if you could spread the word of my new address that would be great.

I'm scared. I can't be found out.

Oh god. What should i do?

If someone questions me, now at least they won't have evidence and i could just deny it, i could deny it like ana denys food. Oh god!

First i get my interm report to see the crappest comments ever "in danger for failing marking period." Why do you tell me i'm doing good and then say that????? Well, FUCK YOU.

My heart is racing. There is nothing i can do except...



And let's hope i have to wait for a looooonnnngggg time for anyone to find me out.

~Riki Ana
p.s. 114lbs

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