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Saturday, May 8, 2010

No more excuses

It's going to start raining soon :) I LOVE the sky right before it rains. It is BEAUTIFUL.
Whenever i spell beautiful i say in my head B-E-A-U-TI-FUL. hehe.

Anyway my scale weight was NOT what i was expecting. I was expecting 117 or some shit like that.

But i got.....113.5

I know, wow, what the hell happened?

But right now i'm saying, Forgive myself, use this as a learning experience, and do better today.

So far zero cals. It's 9:12 am. Not that big of an accomplishment but so far so good.


OHHH, remember thinspo girl like 2 posts ago? She could refuse food like the boss. Well, my world history class had a party and there was SO much YUMMY food there. But guess what i ate?
2 servings of salad and a sun-chip. YAY! i felt awesome. Everyone around me was stuffing their face with chicken parm, pasta, bread, and CAKE. But not me! Nope, i refuse. Oh and people were drinking their high calorie soda's i had coke zero. Who ever brought that in THANK YOU!!

I felt AWE-SOME.

I hope you enjoyed my previous post. It was a little insight into the can of crazy called my mind. :D

Anyway, i'll probably sit home today. I'm aiming for 1oo cals of liquid today.

Maybe thinspo later hmmmmm?

Love you girlies
~Riki Ana
Stay Strong


  1. oh you are doing good. saying no to the food is always hard. good work. :)

    i would love some thinspo. :)


  2. Great job sweetie!! Keep it up you are so strong and I know you can do it! Yayyy thinspo is much needed lol we all need a little motivation to kick start the day :D Stay strong you'll be beautiful in no time. <3

  3. I would kill to be 113. I'm so jealous, but I'm happy for you!

    And YES to thinspo!