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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


MY.HEAD.HURTS. ugh, i feel like crap. I can't tell if it's from not eating all day or just the sickness. Either way, IT SUCKS.

In other news, i'm hungry. Wow, that exciting. During lunch i felt a crack in my armor but i got a vitamin water instead. YUMMY! So my only intake so far was water and a zero-cal vitamin water. :D

My tummy hurts :( it feels acidic, sort-of.
OhMyGosh- i got your email! I'll text you as soon as possible....I just need to find my phone haha

I feel all rambly. Like i can't have a coherent thought, it just side-tracks into another one.

GAH! I'm writers blocked.

OK here we go again.

I'm staying strong today. NO FOOD. On Saturday, as you all know, I'm going to get my dress. Then that night I'm sleeping over my friend C's house. Her dad, who is a AMAZING cook, is making us dinner. She said either Pizza, or Spaghetti. **HIGH CALORIE ALERT** There is also going to be a lot of snacks. I'm not fasting today, just to have it ruined then! SO I'm taking a sleeve of rice cakes to snack on all night. :)

Another thing is i have to do a entire 10pg drama project DUE TOMORROW! Ugh. I hate my teacher. She doesn't tell us anything until the day before. SO all-nighter for that shit. :(

Ok, I'm to jambled to write anymore. Sorry for the crappy post, just had to fill you guys in!!!!

~Riki Ana


  1. I hate it when my thoughts are all mumbly and won't stay in a line!! Good luck for Saturday hun! I'm in the same situation, for my Uncle's birthday we are going to this AMAZING restaurant, so we will both have to stay strong :)

  2. I hope Saturday goes well! I hate it when you can't avoid the high calorie meals... You can do it!!

  3. oh no! not pizza! .... hmmm .... how to devise a way out of eating those kind of foods... omg! I know! (gonna have to post on my blog too)

    Gluten allergy! People with gluten sensitivity can't eat pasta or pizza and stuff, but rice based foods are ok.

    Check it!

    I think we may have a new excuse not to eat! XD

  4. Gotten one of these yet? Well if not, here it is:

    I'm nominating you for the BEAUTIFUL BLOGGER AWARD! <3 You get to post this lovely image ( and tell us all 7 things we don't know about you (preferably juicy things). :)