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Friday, May 21, 2010

One word, many complications. MALL

It's 10:14 pm. I have to get to bed soon, since i have to wake up early tomorrow. Today i ate around....750-850 cals. Not Bad.

I was going to fast today but i decided that since i'm going to end up eating something crappy, i should have my metabolism going.

I feel fat. *sigh* I've been looking at thinspo all day, and now i'm just plain old depressed.

I've been having a lot of food thoughts all day. Many the most evil words EVER spoken WETZEL PRETZEL **Gasp** all i've been thinking of is a sinfully cinnamon pretzel. Mmm

But then i think of the dress episode from a while ago, when i couldn't get it over my head. D:

But come on, It has the word sinful in the title! Who would want to eat something sinful? What marketing company is like "What should we call this?" "OOH ME! PICK ME!" "Anyone anyone at all" "ME! OVER HERE!" "*Sigh* Ok what is it." "SINFUL CINNAMON!" "But why would you eat something sinful?" NOOO MAKE IT THAT *cries* "Ok, ok it's sinfull!" "YAYYYAYAYAY!"

I have to thank Ana Banana for the beautiful blogger award! I'll do that official post tomorrow. :)

:) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D :) :D

Anyway, i'm sleepy. Good night everyone! Or Good morning if you life somewhere like that!

I wish i looked like her laying down ^^^^

One Day i will.


~Riki Ana


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  1. hey I didnt realise you already had received a Beautiful blogger award so I gave you one. So you know have two, enjoy :)