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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! It is currently 54 degrees out, and it's going to go up to a GORGEOUS 73 with partly cloudy skies. Winds are NNW at 5 to 10 mph.

^^^Wouldn't i make great weather-woman?^^^

Hehe anyway back in normal people world, i am down 1 lbs today. 115. OK. Not good, but better than before. As you can see, I'm bored as hell. I'm weird when I'm bored hahah.

Oh yea, brother drama has been smoothed over. He apologized and took me to taco bell where we ate in his car and watched TV shows on his i-touch. He had the WORST day ever and i guess he needed a release or something. I feel like it sucks for non-bloggers, because yesterday i was sooooo hyped up about what happened and writing it to you guys made me calm down and process the situation. Others don't have that so the stew in their upset-ness till they explode!

I'm in a good mood today as you can prolly tell. haha. Today i think i might fast, but if i can't make it the whole day i'll eat something so 0-500 cals today.

Yesterday I tried smoking a cigarette for the first time. I didn't really like the way it tasted or anything, but i like the way it felt. Forbidden. I know it's bad for my health, i don't really think I'll do it again. After all that happened yesterday i felt like just doing SOMETHING, so i stole a pack of my mom's cigarettes and took 1. No one was home, so i stood in front of the mirror blowing puffs of smoke in the bathroom. Then i heard my brothers car pull in. FUCK. So i shut the bathroom door, and threw the window open and sprayed hairspray to cover the scent. Then i started brushing my teeth, I did that twice, and rinsed with super strong mouth wash twice.
Then my brother said to get in his car to go to taco bell. (I got a 150 cal fresco taco btw) So i grabbed a perfume bottle and sprayed it. I smelled really strong of it. Then i got into his car and i could still taste the cigarette! I was so worried he could too! So i kept the window open, while he complained of how i smelt so bad of the perfume. Then after I ate the taco i felt better, since i could no longer taste it.
So yesterday was very....Eventful.
Today I'm taking a road trip with the family to Pennsylvania. So today will be easy to get by with no food. :)
~Riki Ana


  1. it's awesome reading a good-mood-post from you :)
    arr you naughty girl, you shouldn't smoke. i used to smoke for 3 years, have stopped since almost 1 and a half but this past week i have smoked about 10 cigarettes! i feel bad and i don't wanna start smoking again because i can feel how my heart is very upset and it beats in a weird way since i smoked. but i'm so tempted to smoke 'cos it gets you the bad-girl-look and i feel so boring lately^^ (and i'm a huge effy stonem/kaya scodelario fan)

    anyways, i hope you manage to get through your day without food and don't smoke a cigarette ever again..:D


  2. I like this post! ^^ I got the picture that you are very happy, that is great!
    And you shouldn't take up smoking, it is really bad for you and all though it takes your mind off of food, the disadvantages are way too many. And about the smell, I think guys(like your brother) pay more attention to the overload of perfume some girls put on, I've heard them say that so many times, so you should be safe =)

  3. Glad you are happy! And I agree... this blog is my outlet.

    And as for smoking... yeah, I smoke. I know it's terrible for your health. If I could go back and not ever start I probably would. But I just think it's a sexy habit. I know, I'm super weird.