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Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh god

Hello, my lovely skinnies.
Today was suckish. I'm not eating tomorrow-(Hopefully) Saturday. Why might you ask? Well, this Saturday i'm going dress shopping for my best friend's 15th birthday. It's this July 11th. I don't want to be fat. Really i want to be 95 by then. I face this question. Should i get a tiny dress for the weight loss i hope i will have? Or, do i get the correct size, and IF i do those the weight, have it be slightly baggy on me?

Tough call. What do you guys think?

Anyway, I'm in a ehh mood. I had to take a 3hr Bio test today, that was just joy full. Then i found out that i have a World History Test tomorrow on top of another 3 hr Bio test. Whoo-fucking-hoo. So i have to study for that. Yay! We all know how much i love studying. -_-

My mom is buying a pizza. I'll think i will have a slice. You should have heard my tummy during the test. It was pin-drop quiet and all you hear is **GURGLE***GROWL*** Yea, i'm that person haha.

Who knows, maybe i'll treat myself tonight as a little "last party" sort of thing. I'm not really in a body-hating sort of mood, though i will be on the scale bright and early tomorrow. o_O
I bought a lot of low-cal food items too. So that's good. I leave on the note of a thinspo pic, and the smell of pizza coming from upstairs.

~Riki Ana


  1. if the dress is only a little too small, take the small one but if it looked way too tight in case you don't lose the weight take a fitting one. good luck on reaching the 95!

  2. I say get one that fits, that way if it ends up being a little big on you, you'll feel better than if its too tight. You can also just get it tailored if its a little too big.
    xoxo, melissa

  3. Get the one that fits, just in case you don't make it to 95 by then. Good luck!!

  4. I think you should take the one that fits, and either get it tailored when you lose the weight or buy a belt and cinch it - I love how baggy dresses cinched at the waist look on really skinny people, and I bet you'll look lovely. Good luck!!!!!


  5. I did your potato chip trick :D works charms. I used a bag of this brand of chips that I hate, just so i wouldn't be tempted ;)

    andddd which dress did you end up getting? I'd recommend the tight one, just so it would be extra motivation :) I'm doing the same for my friend's sweet 16 in june