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Sunday, May 2, 2010

30 days

Day 1 of fast-Completed

YAY! I feel completely empty right now. It's 7:40 am my mom is now asking what i want for breakfast. "Mom, i just woke up, I'm not hungry right now maybe later" "Do you want Dunkin Donuts?" "Sure"

Not that i plan on eating them. My mind set is FAST-NO FOOD.

Yesterday wasn't hard surprisingly. I had a weak moment earlier on in the day and i was going to eat but then i saw some Coke zero and went to town on that. I drank 2 liters worth yesterday. Yikes. Today i plan on having one glass all day.

Oh yea, I was heating up some lasagna for my bro and when it came out it didn't seem hot enough so i put my finger on it to test it. It was hot, then i had some lasagna crap on my finger so went to put it in my mouth and it touched the tip of my tongue; then i realized what i was doing. I immediately spat the trace of food out, rinsed with water a couple times, and then another couple times. So i think I'm safe.

I'm not really feeling any hunger pains this morning. Just empty, sort of hollow. :D

My weight as of this morning weigh-in is 110.5
Today's fast should bring me down to 107.5


Today all i have to do is go to church. Then i spending the rest of the day here. I could go out but, i love staying home and relaxing. I'm going to see Nightmare on Elm Street on Tuesday though so I'm excited for that. I <3 Freddy, too bad it's a new guy instead of Robert :( Let's hope he's just as good.

Anyway that's all for now.

Ana luv to you
~Riki Ana
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  1. Congratulations! You're so strong - it's incredibly motivational. Anyways, I'm new to this community but I've been silent reader of your blog for quite some time now. I just started my own blog, and I'd love it if you could read it sometime :D

    Congratulations again and stay strong!
    ~ Paix

  2. Sometimes you just gotta have the Diet Coke!

    Keep up posted on your weight! I'm jealous. One more pound until my next goal weight:)