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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New year, new me

Ok huns, so i plan to restrict/fast in till new year, Then i might to the ABC diet.
Have any of you done it?
It would be my first time, i hear you lose crazy weight with it.

Anyway, i want to apologize to Kate.

i know that you are trying to show us what happened. I just read your latest post, and i want to let you know i will be reading. I should know what lies on the other side. And it's odd, i have most of the feelings you do... I look into that more. <3

Yesterday i was at a friends house, he got a treadmill for Christmas (fitness freak) so then i was running.
I never liked running but on a treadmill, AMAZING. Being inside of a nice temp. house no cold air burning your throat. LOVE IT!

I'm saving up to buy one. :)

It's weird, i have... i don't know what to call them. Possibly friends? On here who know more about my life then my best friend. You all know my secret, my internal fight, every fast, every tear, every fail. They know the happy Riki, the one they look up too.(Weird right?) They tell me that i have so much self-confidence, (yea right...) hmm......


Have you ever been in that path where you are doing good, then you get that first craving and you just tell yourself, Go ahead eat it. You're going to end up failing anyway.
That where i am.

Sorry for this jumbled mess. Had to get my thoughts out.

I'll most likely post again later,

Love, a confused
~Riki Ana

P.s. Kate, i hope your sister finds peace, as do you.


  1. I hate the ABC diet. Its just something else telling you what and how much to eat. I like to be in charge of that, not some diet.
    Good luck saving for the treadmill. It IS nice being out of the cold!

  2. I did ABC but slipped up a lot towards the end. I burned a lot of fat and got visible results but the scale didn't say much. ((Prolly me gaining muscle to replace the fat?)) I never felt faint by restricting and 500 cal is more than enough to sustain a person ((eff those people that say you need 1000 some cals)) see my pics on my page to see the results when I was on ABC.

  3. I haven't tried the ABC diet..but I really really want to. lol

    Good luck saving :)

  4. Yes!
    That part about not caring if you give in because you think you'll fail anyway is totally happens to me ever so often. :/ Just gotta stick through it!

    P.S Thanks for writing that "quicky" entry, I'm not confused anymore haha. I was the one who asked about it, I'm just anonymous cause I don't exactly have an account :)