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Saturday, December 26, 2009


I have good news, and i have bad news.

Good News, i only gained 1 lb. I'm 110.5 right now.

Bad News, Now the holidays are over that means summer is approaching in a couple of months!
Gah! The time of bikinis and tank tops! And the most horrible thing of all. Shorts. *shutter*


Hahaha. My new motivation. By June i want to be 95 lbs.
Let's make it happen!

So anyway, Today i'm going to the mall. Probably not going to eat. Going to do the whole, oh i already ate excuse.

I have to return a load of clothing. Which is going to suck with everyone else trying to return stuff also.

Have any of you ever had a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate? They are like crunchy on the outside with like truffle inside with a hazelnut. MMMMMM SOO GOOD!!!
My mom bought an entire box.

Oh yea she calmed down too. Seeing me eat dinner made her happy.

Another thing. With deaths in Ana. Ana is all about control, so if you die, you lost control along the way. People are able to live with Ana, all of those models and just normal people like you and me. Sure, we are still "normal" but we don't want to be. We want to be perfect, and we know how to get there.

Don't ruin your lives with it though.

One of my favorite blogger is recovered now, if you want to check her out.

It's a blog all about recovery.


I hope you all stay strong, and have a great day.
~Riki Ana


  1. Those chocolates are DIVINE! I got so many for Christmas, I'm doing the whole lemme share with everyone thing so I don't have all those calories (very difficult cause those chocolates are just so delicious)

  2. Out of curiosity I was wondering why you like that blog so much?
    It kind of goes against of what your whole blog has been about...
    Don't get me wrong, she does have a point. But yeah I was just wondering what your thoughts were on that :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, Riki. :) I will be following you for sure and hope you are doing well. Happy New Year. :) xoxoxo - kate