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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2nd post of the day

If you didn't read the first one, scroll down please! :)

Anyway, i'm starting to feel weak right now.

Like i'm not even that hungry but my mom brought home lots of goodies. *sigh*

So far today i've had

-80 calories of veggie soup
-80 calories of a banana

A good amount of food if you ask me.

I got on my scale and it says 109.5 but i was wearing all my clothing so maybe (i pray for) 108.5??

I think i just want to eat because i'm bored.

I'm sitting here re-reading the famous Ana Regzig blog. If you haven't read you should,

Now that girl is such a THINspiration.

She hasn't updated in FOREVER. Getting a little worried, cuz in last post she was forced into rehab. Hmm, i hope she's ok.....

Anyway, i loved reading your thoughts on the ABC diet.

i think i'm with you Ranna B, you all know how i am with sticking too a set calorie count.

I hope i stay strong for all of my followers! :)

~Riki Ana


  1. I absolutely love that blog. It was one of the things that first introduced me to Pro-Ana..

    Anyway, I was going to comment on your first post but got distracted; ABC works great- if you can stick to it. It's hard, especially on 150 and 200 calorie days (not so much the fast days), trying to find what you can and can't eat. I'm currently on it actually, started over after I messed up on Day 20 or so.

    Stay strong honey :]

  2. Four options
    -She's not in treatment or recovered, but wanted to quit the blog.
    -She's trying to recover.
    -She's been forced into treatment.
    -She's not alive.

    The last one's the saddest, but it is a very true possibility..