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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good morning

Hello everyone.

Today's weigh-in i am 108.5lbs!!

Finally below that 109,5!!!!!

Yesterday's total was

80 cals-soup
80 cals- banana
80 cals- of jello
So total 240 cals!
I think the jello saved me. I needed something sweet and tastey. Yesterday was like an 80 day. maybe a new diet maybe? The 80 diet! lmao

Yesterday I had an intense experience.
I walked in my kitchen and had a full intention of giving up and having some fries, but then I felt something odd. I felt such an intense hatred for myself, for eating, for giving up. I've never felt anything like it. It made me just walk right out of there. No food in hand. Odd.
It didn't happen for the rest of the night, maybe because I kept my ass out of the kitchen.

Then this morning i stripped till i was in my underwear and got on the scale. 108.5 flashed. i was soo happy. Then as i went to put my pants back on, i don't know how to describe it, i looked at my legs and it was almost a flash of thin. Like suddenly for a moment i had the legs I've always dreamed of. Then they suddenly turned back into my normal, large thighs and legs.

Can anyone else say odd?

Hmm, it was weird yet inspiring.

My body is currently SCREAMING at me for food. My mom is also making Cinnamon rolls. Mmmm i love those. i know if i have one i'll go on a binge fest. So i'm going to try to avoid it.

I'll think of all you guys out there.
Stay Strong,
~Riki Ana


  1. Good morning! I've been up for hours, me and my insomniac self. Congrats on the 240 calories, that's wonderful. Just a tip (if you don't know already): eat a light breakfast, something super small, just a nibble of something. If you do, your metabolism is faster and you burn more fat reserves if you don't eat anything. :) Good luck today.

  2. I dont think cinnamon rolls are part of the 80 calorie diet ;)
    Im sure your legs are thin.

  3. congrats!! i wish i weighed as much as you :(
    stay strong during any new years eve festivities! im going to be going nuts tonight at my aunt's new year's eve party, theres going to be so much food. but i know we'll both be able to stay strong and beautiful!