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Saturday, December 12, 2009

What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger.

How are you all today????

I'm great.



And today to thank that terrific news i'm fasting(Kinda). So far i've had water and a candy cane. (Peppermint curbs cravings)

Now i'm going to the mall, Yay clothing thinspo!!! Then if i'm forced to eat i'll get a low-cal taco at taco bell, so that's 150 cal..... Hopefully i'll get out of it though.....

Last time i went to the mall i tried on a dress and i couldn't get it off, i was too fat for it...... :(

Oh well,

Now i'm somewhere around 113.....Thanks for that period.
Man, i was a binge machine during my period.

Hey, have anyone of you guys heard this??? That everyone jumping jack burns 1 cal. I thought it would be less than that....but apparently cool.

Lady Gaga's bad romance song is thinspo so check it out. It could represent out relationship with Ana.

I'll talk more later....

Love you all,
~Riki Ana
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  1. i thought it was 10 = 1 cal burned?

  2. I Also heard that. If its one calorie per jumping jack, thats totally effin awesome! No offence raynay but I hope your info is wrong, 450 calories burned for 450JJs sounds so much better than 45 calories!!