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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You see me now....

And now you don't.....

That is one of my favorite phrases, don't ask my why. I just love it. I relate it to Ana now, like how today we are fat enough for everyone to see, but tomorrow we hope we lose more and disappear...

Well, not totally, but you get what i mean.

I'm not sick anymore!!!! But since i barely ate because i was so sick my body is now used to it so i'm running on a little more that nothing. Yesterday i ate around.... 420 cals.... not to bad if i say so myself. You guys know my track record, THIS IS GREAT!

Finally i can restrict. You all know how i suck at restricting. But this stomach flu, kick started me into it, and now i'm happy!

Today i'm at 109.5 Damn that .5
Tonight my family is going out to dinner, looks like i'm going to fast all day and (hopefully) barely eat then.... Let's hope 'my tummy still kinda hurts if i eat too much' excuse.... hmm
Ok, i got a question about the apple diet.
What it is, you take an apple then you cut it up from anywhere from 8-10 pieces depending on how many you want. (I prefer 10...)

Then you eat 2 slices for breakfast.

Then 2 for lunch.

Then 2 for a snack,

Then 4 for dinner. (If you cut 8 it's 2)

I like cutting it up tinnier because I need more at night, the more slices (even though it's actually smaller) will trick my brain into thinking i've eaten more.

You can replace the apple with any fruit of your choice. Make sure it's a fruit.

I prefer apples, oranges, and clementines.

if you start off i would use a bigger apple and work your way down to the tiny ones.

This takes self-control. If you find this too hard eat 1 whole apple in the morning an 1 whole apple at night. You want to avoid binging.

So i hope i explained it good.

It's interesting to hear about your thoughts on the whole throwing up/control thing. Just not having control over it... ugh

Anyway, so i have to go clean :(

So one more thing.

To make me happy,

100 Jumping Jacks


~Riki Ana


  1. not having control over mia does suck. if you want to lose weight, you should use it as a weapon, not a lifestyle. that's what i'm trying to change back to.

  2. How about 50 sit-ups AND 100 jumping jacks? :]

  3. I'm soo happy to hear you're doing good! It's such a great feeling..and sometimes bad things, like the stomach flu can turn into good things, like weight loss! Anyways you inspire me to do better so thankyou.