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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just one bite...

"You're doing so well!" I told myself. I was fasting all day and doing great.
"Just 1 bite of that cookie wouldn't hurt..." So i went into the kitchen and took the cookie. One bite. Then another, and another. Then 3 more cookies, the some stuffing with gravy and a lot of other crap.


Just when i started to do good.

Well, no more.

Can i ask how the fuck did i gain so much in a 1 day binge..... Ugh that sounds bad.....

I don't really know my weight right now, i'm scared to weigh myself. It's going to be bad :(

So today, i'm fasting. Sundays are hard because my entire family is home today.
But right now i don't give a fuck.
It's too close to Christmas, I WILL BE AT 105 BY THEN. please let me be at 105 then.

If i'm forced to eat, i'll eat a tiny ass bowl of salad, ONLY LETTUCE.
Then tomorrow, let's hope i can still fast, if not the same lettuce deal.
Continued up intill Christmas.
Where it will be food city. Let's hope i stay strong then.

I'll update you guys once i weigh myself...

So how are you all doing...

It snowed a lot by me, so i'm stuck in the house all day. Maybe if the roads clear up, i can make my mom take me Christmas shopping for my friends.....

Have you ever had one of these moments, like you see a spider then turn around to get something to hit it with and then it's gone.... That just happened now i have no idea where it went.....

Ok yea, I HATE SPIDERS, i totally am terrified of them...

Cutting this post sort now,
~Riki Ana

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