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Sunday, December 6, 2009

DOWN 2LBS!!!!!!!!

Yay! Today at my weigh-in i am 112.5 lbs! Now if this was a couple of weeks ago I'd flip shit at this number but at staying at a fat 115, this is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now today is the 6th, so how low can i get by Christmas......At Thanksgiving i was at 113 or 114, imagine my family's faces when on Christmas day i walk in at 105 or maybe 102! IT WOULD BE AWESOME! New motivation, Check. :)

Yesterday i sat in a freezing stadium for the championship football game. I was so cold, i thought i was frozen to the effeing seat.

That night i had a pretzel, and a hot chocolate

But luckily no dinner

So hence me losing 2 lbs is because i froze my butt off ALL NIGHT. I walked in the door at midnight. My feet were sooooooo cold. Brrrrrr

My friends mom asked her if i had an eating probelm. Ha! Nope i'm just naturally skinny...... ;)
Why would she ask this while i'm a fat shit? Why not when i was at 103? WTF??? When i'm at 95, i wonder what she'll think then....hmmmmm

My mommy bought lots of goodies at the super market. Those devils trying to sneak their way into my body. Trying to make me fat. *shutter* If i can keep that thought i'll be perfect.

For some thinspo i decided to take my Teen Vouge and rip out all of the skinny model pages and put them on my wall. Now every morning when i wake up i see this beautiful girls staring back at me. And they all are wearing cute clothing so i can say i like the clothing. Then i put up a picture of a *plus size model* (fatty) on my wall to show me, what i could become if i ate, or what i could become if i starved. :) Try it out, believe me it helps.

So how are all of you my skinny minnies????????
I hope your doing good.
Sorry i haven't posted in a while...
To many people are home and Ana is a secret not a family event.

Ana luv to you.
~Riki Ana
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  1. Keep posting!
    I really enjoy hearing other people's struggles and triumphs :) Big faan.

    Stay beautiful,
    <3 LucyLee

  2. Congrats on the two pounds! *claps*

    I do the skinny model thing on ann the insides of my notebooks and binders. It's super duper effective. I think your blog is awesome! Stay strong and keep up the posting!

    <3 Vera