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Sunday, December 27, 2009


ok so short post. Someone asked about why i like quest for perfection.

It used to be different. Then she changed it to a recovery blog.

It was the most inspirational blog i've ever read.

Too bad it's gone now.

She made herself ana.
She succeeded.
But then realized she didn't want it
I really can't read it now, i just can't. If it's the fact that it's about recovery or she's trying to tell us the truth, i just can't handle that right now. I plan to be ana forever, she is my friend and i plan to stick with her.

But if your looking to get out of Ana go to that blog, it might help.

As for me i'm still on my own Quest for Perfection.

~Riki Ana


  1. I loved her blog and it's gonna be difficult to read her sister kate's blog about recovery instead of kat's blog. I'm not ana but I still found her words so inspirational. Sigh I hope eventually she finds a way to come back to blogging, but hey I want whatever is best for her and if this is what she wants then I guess she shouldn't blog.

  2. I was soo sad when she took her blog down :( The way she wrote just made her so relate able, and now its recovery. ugh.

  3. kat's blog quest for perfection gave me hope and now its gone, im still following other blogs, but there will never be another kat! im sad. she was an amazing writer.

    anyway, this blog seems good.

  4. Aw man you guys really are sad. I'm Kat's sister. Hope you guys are doing ok.