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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Looks like your not the thinnest girl in the room anymore.

That was said to me a couple days ago. May not seem that bad but oh it is.

I was at my dad's house enjoying dinner. Well cutting it up into tiny pieces. I had 3 small strips of steak and half of a spoon full of potatoes. I was eating with my my bro and his girlfriend, and she recently had the most horrible stomach flu EVER. I didn't last 1 day, no it lasted like 4 days. she dropped like 5-10 lbs. Making her 105. She looks like an Ana goddess. But she eats whatever she wants. One of those freaky metabolism people.

Anyway, she's really skinny from it and not gaining much weight now. So my dad says "Man, (her name here) you look so skinny! Riki, looks like your not the skinniest girl in the room anymore!"

Which i replied with "Guess not." and a laugh. Inside i was like FUCK.

So new motivation. Check.

Grrr. I will be the skinniest girl in the room.

~Riki Ana



  1. I have a stomach flu now, gosh I wish I would lose 5-10 pounds. I always lose 1kg and then gain it back pretty quickly

  2. Dude that is so wrong that your dad said that. But you'll earn your crown back, I'm sure! :)

  3. ouchh. that's not cool. but you got to where you are on your own terms. she had to get gross sick to pass you up. just remember that. you'll be the skinniest again soon.


  4. It's not fair how some people just have that weird metabolism, it's like a cruel joke by god or whoever calls the shots! but don't worry, you'll be the thinnest one in the room in no time, stay strong.


  5. Like the anas say.. "looking good is the best revenge" :)

  6. Ugh, I hate people who have fast metabolisms. My cousin always puts in my face. She is like 9 inches shorter than me, but she always wants a piggy back from me so I am like yeah what ever you are like 90 pounds and she ALWAYS corrects me and says "I am 72 pounds" She eats WHEN EVER she wants to, too.
    But then again, my WHOLE family is like under 100 pounds. I feel like such a fat ass whenever I go to family party's.
    But don't worry, like everyone else is saying, you WILL be the thinnest in the room, in no time.