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Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of ABC

This is my first day of ABC and i'm excited to see how much weight i lose.

For breakfast i'm haveing a banana-80

For lunch i'm having juice- 110

for dinner i'm having a salad- 50

for dessert jello!- 80

Which totals me to be 320 cals.

I'm allowed to have 500 but... no thanks....

Tomorrow is also 500.

I hope i have enough control to do all 50 days. I'm allowing 3 f*ck-up days. Which is where i'm going to go a little over. But hopefully i don't have to use them.


The ABC is all about control. And let's hope that i stay in control.

Anyway i hope you all had a good new years! Here's a good question, What things do you want to do for your New Year Resalution?? It can be Ana related or not!

Here's mine,

*Grow out hair

*Get down to a size 3 jeans

*Stop biting my nails

*Get to be 95lbs by June

*Look good in a bikini

*Bring up my grades

*Stop putting so much salt on my food

*Have more self-control

Man i have a long list. So girls comment me with your lists!

Hope for those who drank, that your hangovers don't suck.

And for everyone else hope you had a fun new year!
Love~Riki Ana!


  1. i'm starting abc today, too. stay strong, girly.


  2. Same thing here.
    ABC starting today :)
    Good luck on that!
    And one of my goals this year is just like yours... letting my hair grow out lol
    I've shaved my head and had a million different colors in the past four years haha
    time to let it grow :D

    we can do it!!