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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fresh starts

Today, i feel much more, i don't know how to describe it....maybe ready for full time ana i suppose.

I'm going to the mall today, MY FAVORITE PLACE. I can get some clothes, and see some fatties and skinnies for thinspo. Yay! Then i don't have to eat there but i'm a little worried about after because we are going to my dad's girlfriends house and she feeds us usually but i can't refuse it because i don't want to effe-up his relationship. grrr...*sigh*

Hopefully i can just "eat" at the mall.

Anyway i feel so loved by you guys! The comments from the last post were so encouraging!!!! <3
Thank you all :)

I haven't checked my weight yet today, somewhere around 114-116. Grr back to fucking square one. Damn it. I hate yo-yoing. bleh.

But i'm going to pretend i'm a skinny little bitch today, to keep my head up and refuse food like i'm the boss. Then when i get into the dressing room and can't fit the dress over my head like last time. Grr Let's hope i do good.

Oh lovely ana, let me refuse the temptations that are laid out before me!


I'll proably be watching jersey shore till it's time to go. Man i love that show. Maybe cuz i'm from Jersey? lol. Even though only 1 of them are even from Jersey!!!! whatever, funny to watch. :)

~Riki Ana
<3 :)


  1. At the mall, I always just keep a water or diet soda in my hand,and that will fill me up with like NO calories. Oh and also, I just found out chicken broth squares are 5 calories! So that is pretty much my diet right there, (just tellin' ya!) Aha, that probably didn't interest you one bit (:
    And same here, I am watching all the re-runs of Jersey Shore, funny show. You are from the east coast? me too (:

  2. Ah! Mall's scare me. I can't walk into about 80% of the stores without feeling fat as hell

  3. I like malls :-) time wasting, walking, climbing the elevator and "forgetting" to eat... the best food-distraction ever!