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Friday, January 22, 2010

Crazy week

Man, next week is going to be so crazy. Mid-terms, studying my ASS off today(Ignore the pun).

Ok so i think i came up with a solution that will work. Every morning (or the night before) i will plan out what i'm allowing myself to eat that day.

Example: Day's Goal -300 cals

I may have banana- 80

small Clementine- 50

toast- 80

Low- fat Cereal- 90

that way i can pace my self knowing that there is food waiting, if i need it.

Also i need to start keeping track of my liquid cals. Usually i just ignore them or count them separately. Which is stupid because a calorie is still a calorie no matter how you look at it.


^hehe looks like a surpised smily face!

Anyway, to BGSUDiva, i read you blog and you are an amazing writer. But it wouldn't let me comment. :(


To Arii, Your welcome!!! Periods do suck. Alot. You blog is effeing amazing and so is the pic that you posted.


umm, oh yea yesterday i was at a friend's house and she got pizza and i only ate 1! they both had 3. i felt so strong! But then i think it's because i don't like eating in front of people....

In school the are making us watch "Supersize Me" The movie where the guy eats NOTHING but McDonald's for 30 days. It's DISGUSTING. It's a video full of fat people, then a guy stuffing his face. eww. It's acually helpful to watch. Like it's totally put of fast-food to me. Also its kinda reverse thinspo. Like looking at fatty, after fatty makes you want to not eat those fries at lunch.

I recommened watching it.

umm, i had more to say but now i forgot. Damn.

Riki Ana
P.S. I love you guys!!! <3 <3

" I want your ugly i want your deiese, i want your everything as long as it's free. I want your love" - Bad Romance, Lady Gaga


  1. Aw, really? Hmmm I'll check on that. Thanks so much for reading! :-D

  2. i've seen supersize me. it gave me the creeps but it was really interesting. kinda makes you wonder who's worse off, people who don't eat, or people who eat like him.

  3. awe thank you! And do you mean the drwaring I posted. If so, then thankyou.
    I wrote a HUGE comment yesterday, and it wouldn't work, so now I forget what it was about /:
    Also, yeah I have seen supersize me, it is like thinsperation in a creepy way. Yeah like backwards :)
    So yeah I forget what I wanted to say. I had SO much more too. Gahh this sucks /: