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Friday, January 8, 2010

[insert awesome title here]

How is everyone doing??

I have only 1 thing to say. THANK GOD FOR THE WEEK END!

This week has been shit, to say the least. Right now i'm just bored, which is causing bored eating, which is fucking up my weight.

I'm at 113 last time i checked but i was wearing boots and clothing so like 112?

Ugh, i HATE winter. I know some people love it, but i fucking hate it with a passion.
Summer is my season, Fall too. Spring is too rainy and i get really worried with summer around the cornor.

But winter is horrible. Being stuck inside in the warm house making you feel all happy and fuzzy thinking "well maybe just a couple cookies...."

Summer is MY time. That's when i'm always at my lowest weight. By last year June i weighed 98 lbs. That was a good time. And man did i look good in that bikini.

I'm NOWHERE near bathing suit ready, but usually around spring once i'm out of the house more i usually start dropping.

So i can't wait for that.

Not much more too say,

I'm almost done with wasted like 80 pages left or something like that. Good so far, excited to read the ending. I'll give you a full review once i'm done.

I feel like she would be upset if she read the stuff on pro-ana sites about that book. But i bet that book has saved a couple lives. It's very intense, very raw.

I hope you have a lovely weekend ladies!
Maybe i'll post something tomorrow, perhaps a thinspo treat hmmm????

~Riki Ana :)

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  1. I am reading wasted too, and a couple other ana/mia books. And same here, i don't think ANYONE will want to see me in a bathing suit.
    A couple questions...
    What is the ABC diet? (sorry, I have never heard of it)
    And will you follow me?
    thanks ( :