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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nightmares, and workouts

Last night i woke up with such a shock. I had a dream that my sister called me over and said she had to ask me something. I thought she found my laxes or something. i run into my room to see my ED diary open. Fuck. She read everything. It's pretty scary in there. Now she knows. I woke up sitting face up sweating. It's my worst fear. Being caught. I reach under my bed and grab my diary, i can't see anything but the written pages are slighty darker. I rip out all the written pages and shove them in the pocket of my PJ's. They are still in my pocket. I plan to flush them down the toilet, or burn them.
Today is a sad day. My mom being the flippy floper kind of person she is is taking me to the doctor tommorrow. I was eating normaly today but now i feel gross and bloated. So i'm skipping dinner. I'm going for a walk soon. So that takes up 4 hrs of my day. Hopefully i can walk untill i miss dinner. Oops. ;)
Sorry for the short post. I'm going to be putting up a new diet thingy later today. It's called Bones for Halloween. It's so then i'm a skinny minnie for halloween, and in my dress my ribs will finally make thier apperance. So more on that later.
Think Thin, and Stay Strong.
~Riki Ana

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