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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ugh. To you that commented i want to say thanks so much! To Yum i want to say i wish i had your advice earlier today. I was doing fantastic till lunch then i bought a 140 calorie oat bar thingy. I ate it, then i bought another one and ate it too. Once i got home i had a chicken cutlet thingy and a pizza for one. Ugh I'm such a fat ass. I suck so much at restricting. With Fasting at least the hunger numbs and i can think away from it with restricting all i want is more, more, more!
Tomorrow i start my 3 day fast. Thank god. Hopefully i will not look like a pig in my dress. I'm thinking I'm going to try a 4 day fast. It would be my first. I've never gone past 3 days, but i really want to do a 4 day fast right before Thanksgiving so i don't lose it at the table.
For my next restricting after my fast I'm going to make sure i get a lot of fruit and veggies instead of the fatty crap i have in my house.
Oh yea i have a doctor's appointment in 10 minutes! I hope all the crap in my stomach gives me a few lbs to hide behind. OMG i can finally see the ribs in between my boobs! I noticed yesterday it is amazing. I'm so happy. i can finally see some results!
To Everyone reading...
Stay Strong and Think Thin
~Riki Ana!

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