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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doing good.

So far my first day of my 3 day fast is going good. The first day is always the hardest on me. So i just got back from a 40min jog/walk. hopefully burned some calories. I have only had a v8 fusion today that's 140 calories and water. I always get bad headaches the first day of fasting. A downside sure, but when I'm stick thin i don't think the head aches will matter much. I plan on walking to get some diet green tea later. And then my work out.
Walk-30-40 mins
100-side crunches
100- arm toners
100- leg lifts

Let's hope i burn some major calories.

I hate being home during a fast so much temptation. I know it's bad when i start reasoning in why i deserve those chips. But then i snap out of it and Ana reminds me of our goal. 95 lbs here i come. Well, right now i just want 102. But someday i will be 95. If you start reasoning with yourself like i do try my trick. I will sit down, and kinda bend over little and look at your stomach. it will make you look bloated and give the illusion of rolls. It puts me in check of what would i rather become, the skinny girl standing up, or the fat girl sitting down.....
That's all for now my skinny bitches.
Stay Strong and Think Thin
~Riki Ana

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