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Monday, October 26, 2009

Bones for Halloween

Ok, Sorry that this post is late. After my walk i had to walk my dog to avoid dinner and never got to it sorry. So anyway this my new diet to get myself in shape for Halloween.
So Here is the basics.
Tuesday-under 200
Wednesday-under 200
Friday- Fast
Saturday(Halloween)- Fast.
Since I'm walking around all day i can avoid temptation. Also it's a great workout ;)
If you want to join go ahead. Since it's Monday and if you already ate just make the fast day tommorrow and the under 200 today.
My Fast today has been going great. My mom is literally trying to set me up to fail. This morning guess what Breakfast was!?! Chocolate Chip COOKIES and CINNAMON BUNS! Wtf! But i avoided it. I drank my water had a little of coke zero, ate my vitamins and went off to school. I had a stick of gum for lunch, and after school i had a diet Snapple. Now I'm going to walk to the store and get a green tea, then walk around town.
I'm don't want the empty feeling to end. But to stick to my plan i have two eating days then a three day fast. Hopefully I'm at my first goal of 102 buy Saturday or Sunday. I'm off to get my Tea now so Bye My Skinny Minnie's!
Stay Strong and Think Thin
~Riki Ana

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